K a i r a   P e y t o n

K a i r a   P e y t o n

Stony Road Productions
Kaira Peyton and Samuel L. Jackson

Kaira Peyton and Samuel L. Jackson

Kaira Peyton is a self-proclaimed CreativeFuckinGenius born and raised in Chicago, IL. Since a child, Kaira always found herself in love with the abstract and the unusual and this fascination lead her to a life of creative performance arts. Her participation in dance, gymnastics and theater grew into a passion for the arts that she followed all the way through college.

Having a theater scholarship at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN, Kaira staged-managed and directed multiple student and local plays until leaving after her sophomore year to go to film school. Kaira continued and completed her education back in Chicago at Columbia College where she changed her major from Theater/Mass Communication to Film/Video with an emphasis on directing and producing.

It was here at Columbia that Kaira was able to complete her last year in Los Angeles, doubling as both a student and intern at Focus Features/Universal Pictures. After graduation, Kaira continued to live in LA and worked for NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno until leaving for a chance of a lifetime opportunity to work back in Chicago for The Oprah Winfrey Show

After working at Harpo for 3 years, Kaira transitioned into the scripted world of TV and Film, working on such projects as Chicago PD, Shameless, The Redline, Chi-Raq, Windows, the upcoming Amazon series Utopia and many more.

In addition to her professional resume, Kaira begin focusing more on her own creation of her production company Stony Road Productions and began writing, directing and producing a series of small films and music videos. During this time, she also produced her first feature film 'Oh No He Didn’t' which is still available online for streaming.

Excited to extend her brand and creative efforts, Kaira began actively exploring the world of narrative editorial photography which lead her to be accepted into a Visual Storytelling Photography Workshop in Amsterdam with world-renowned National Geographic photographer Ed Kashia, who really helped her to fine-tune her skills and creative a bridge between the production world and the photography world.

Since having worked in Amsterdam, Kaira has shot multiple shows during Milan Fashion Week, traveled to Switzerland, Italy and London working with various modeling agencies and fashion houses.

She continues to build the bridge between the world of editorial photography and film/tv production which is what makes her point-of-view unique, worldly and that of a CreativeFuckinGenius.

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